Vayrynenite gemstone is a rare phosphate mineral with formula MnBe(PO4)(OH,F).

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Vayrynenite meaning

It was first described in 1954 for an occurrence in Viitaniemi, Erajarvi, Finland. And named for mineralogist Heikki Allan Väyrynen of Helsinki, Finland.

It occurs in pegmatites as an alteration of beryl and triphylite. The stone occurs in association with eosphorite, also moraesite, hurlbutite, beryllonite, amblygonite, apatite, tourmaline, topaz, muscovite, microcline and quartz.

Often as fine grained aggregates. Euhedral crystals are rare. Short to long prismatic crystals parallel. Prism faces are generally striated vertically.

Vayrynenite crystal identification

The stone can show various shades of red, pink, and orange. Consumers may find some faceted gems for sale described as having padparadscha color, a Sinhalese word meaning lotus colored. More often associated with padparadscha sapphires, the term is difficult to define. It may refer to colors ranging from a light to medium orange-pink hue to a more saturated orangey pink.

Vayrynenite gem optical properties

  • Category: Phosphate mineral
  • Formula: MnBe(PO4)(OH,F)
  • Crystal system: Monoclinic
  • Crystal class: Prismatic (2/m)
  • Color: Light pink to rose-red, salmon pink, pale gray, brown
  • Crystal habit: Rare as elongated and striated prismatic crystals; fine-grained aggregates
  • Cleavage: Perfect on {010}, good on {100}, fair on {001}
  • Fracture: Uneven
  • Tenacity: Brittle
  • Mohs scale hardness: 5
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Streak: White
  • Diaphaneity: Transparent to translucent
  • Specific gravity: 3.22
  • Optical properties: Biaxial (–)
  • Refractive index: nα = 1.638 – 1.640 nβ = 1.658 – 1.662 nγ = 1.664 – 1.667
  • Birefringence: δ = 0.026 – 0.027
  • Pleochroism: Visible X= orangish, Y= red, Z= dark red
  • 2V angle: 46°–55°
  • Dispersion: r > v moderate

Vayrynenite metaphysical properties

Vayrynenite healing property is all about creativity and removing what stands in the way of you expressing your creativity in a way that benefits and assists others. It stimulates your confidence in your abilities and artistic pursuits and is also deeply motivating. The gemstone supports you in renewing your energy so that you’re available to new and fresh ideas. It’s energizing and is sure to boost and recharge your creative faculties.

Sample from Afghanistan

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