April birthstone

Diamond and rock crystal quartz are the birthstones for April according to both the ancient and modern lists of april stone color. The perfect gemstone for april birthstone ring or necklace

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April birthstone

What does April birthstone mean?

A birthstone is a gem that is associated with the birth month of April: Diamond. The April birthstone, diamond, in addition to being a symbol of everlasting love, was once thought to bring courage.

What’s April’s birthstone color?

April stone is commonly associated with the colorless color. That’s why diamond is the gemstone of April, but also rock crystal quartz, white topaz and white zicon


The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in that month, thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength. Wearing diamonds is purported to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance. It’s also symbolic of eternal love, and those fortunate to call April the month of their birth will enjoy the following history behind this rare gem.

Where is April birthstone found?

The birthstone for April is now mined around the world. Diamonds has been discovered in 35 countries.The following countries produce industrial grade diamonds: Australia, Botswana, Brazil, China, Congo, Russia and South Africa.

What is April birthstone ring jewelry?

We sell april birthstone rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces & more. Considered one of the most precious gems in the world, the diamond is popular and forever stunning.

Where to find April gemstone?

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Symbolism and Meaning

The April stone, diamond, in addition to being a symbol of everlasting love, was once thought to bring courage. In Sanskrit, the diamond is called vajra, which also means lightning; in Hindu mythology, vajra was the weapon of Indra, the king of gods.

What are zodiac signs of April gemstones?

Aries and Taurus stones are both gemstone for april
Whatever you are Aries and Taurus. Diamond is the stone from April1 to 30.

Day Astrology Birthstone
April 1 Aries Diamond
April 2 Aries Diamond
April 3 Aries Diamond
April 4 Aries Diamond
April 5 Aries Diamond
April 6 Aries Diamond
April 7 Aries Diamond
April 8 Aries Diamond
April 9 Aries Diamond
April 10 Aries Diamond
April 11 Aries Diamond
April 12 Aries Diamond
April 13 Aries Diamond
April 14 Aries Diamond
April 15 Aries Diamond
April 16 Aries Diamond
April 17 Aries Diamond
April 18 Aries Diamond
April 19 Aries Diamond
April 20 Taurus Diamond
April 21 Taurus Diamond
April 22 Taurus Diamond
April 23 Taurus Diamond
April 24 Taurus Diamond
April 25 Taurus Diamond
April 26 Taurus Diamond
April 27 Taurus Diamond
April 28 Taurus Diamond
April 29 Taurus Diamond
April 30 Taurus Diamond

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