How to estimate the value of a stone?

gemstones prices

How to estimate a stone price?

Gemstone price

With the exception of diamonds, there is no valid source of stone price in the world. Some countries are trying to set rules. But these rules are valid only in each of these countries. In most countries of the world, there is no rule.

The stone price is simply the result of an agreement between a seller and a buyer. Of course, there are basic rules for estimating the value of gemstones, which are describe below.

Identify your gemstone

First, you must identify your stone, namely, what is the family of the stone? What is the variety of the stone? Is it natural or synthetic?
Then, If it turns out that the stone is natural, the next question is: Is it treated or not?
If your stone is treated, the next question is: What kind of treatment was done in the stone?

These first parameters will then allow us to start to estimate the quality of the stone.
It is typically this kind of information you will find on all certificates issued by gemological laboratories. Because these are information that you can not identify by yourself if you are not an experienced gemologist and if you do not have gemology laboratory tools.

But this is not enough to estimate the value of a stone.
Once the stone is clearly identified, four additional criteria will have to be defined.

Identify your gemstone quality

The first is the color of gemstones, the second is the clarity of the stone, the third is the quality of the cutting of the stone and the fourth is the weight of the stone.
These four criteria are well known in the diamond market, but few people know that the same rules apply to all gems.

Identify your gemstone market

When you identified the stone, there is still one point to identify: the stone price on the market, depending on where you are located geographically and according to your position on the trade market.

Indeed, a perfectly identical stone will be less expensive in its country of origin if you compare its price in a country located at the other end of the world.

And finally, the stone price will also be different depending on whether you buy gemstones on the wholesale or reatail market. The price will also be different depending on whether the stone is already mounted on a jewel, or not.

Market research

Indeed, as in all economic sectors, the more intermediaries between the gemstone producer and the consumer, the higher the price differences.

There is no quick fix. If you want to estimate the price of a stone, you have to do a market study for yourself by going to meet gemstones suppliers at the place where you are, and so, by comparing their prices, you will have a rough idea of ​​the price of the gemstones that applies in this geographical area, at this precise time.

It’s a permanent job because prices can change quickly.

If you are interested in this topic, want to go from theory to practice, we offer gemology courses.