Gemstone laboratory

GEMIC Laboratory is a private and independent Gemstone laboratory, providing gemological testing and research services in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Gemstone certificate

Characteristics of gemstone: carat weight, shape, dimension, color, clarity & treatment.
The certificate is an “identity card” with the characteristics of the stone

Validity of a certificate

  • The gemstone must be tested in a laboratory officially registered as a company in the country in which it is located. The name and logo of the laboratory must appear clearly on the certificate
  • The gemstone must be tested by a graduate gemologist, from an official gemological sciences institute or university
  • If the certificate does not meet the two rules above, then it has no value

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Price list

All prices include VAT

  • Verbal assessment: 50 US$
  • Brief report: 100 US$
  • Full report: 200 US$
  • 20% discount for 10 to 49 certificates
  • 30% discount for 50 to 99 certificates
  • 50% discount for 100 certificates +

You can deposit your stones in our laboratory in exchange for a receipt.
The delay is one month from the moment you deposit your stones, until you get back your stones.

Brief report

8.5 cm x 5.4 cm (credit card format)
gemstone certificate brief report

Full report

21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4)
gemstone certificate full report