Iolite sunstone

Iolite sunstone meaning and metaphysical properties

Iolite sunstone gemological meaning and metaphysical properties.

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As the transparent variety iolite, it is often used as a gemstone. The name “iolite” comes from the Greek word for violet. Another old name is dichroite, a Greek word meaning “two-colored rock”, a reference to cordierite’s strong pleochroism.

It has also been called “water-sapphire” and “Vikings’ Compass” because of its usefulness in determining the direction of the sun on overcast days, the Vikings having used it for this purpose.


The optical effect appears to be due to reflections from inclusions of red copper, in the form of minute scales, which are hexagonal, rhombic, or irregular in shape, and are disposed parallel to the principal cleavage-plane. These inclusions give to sunstone an appearance something like that of aventurine, hence sunstone is known also as “aventurine-feldspar”.

A beautiful violet blue gemstone, Iolite is named after the Greek ios (violet) and lithos (stone). Historically compared and confused with blue sapphires, Iolites blues and transparency explains its common name, water sapphire.

Named for its resemblance to the sun, Sunstone is a feldspar that is typically colorless, orange, pink, red and yellow. Sunstones most important attribute is its aventuresence, the beautiful glittering sunlight effect caused by tiny metallic inclusions of hematite and/or goethite.

Iolite sunstone meaning and metaphysical properties benefits

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

Iolite sunstone meaning and metaphysical properties benefits combines both the properties of Iolite and sunstone. It stimulates the third-eye and crown chakra aiding spiritual visions. It opens and activates the heart chakra. Iolite-Sunstone motivates one to move forward and actualize their dreams and goals.

The stone embodies the vibration of creative energy and is a powerful stone for those involved in the arts – visionary artists, writers, musicians, dancers and actors. The gemstone is inspiring and aids in communication and expression.

It assists in overcoming creative blockages and allows one to take ideas through the process of manifestation and into physical form. The stone may be helpful to alleviate headaches. The stone enhances physical energy, metabolism, and weight loss. Iolite-Sunstone vibrates to the number 8.

Iolite sunstone

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