Coffee bean jasper

Coffee bean jasper
Coffee bean jasper is often used to make beads jewelry. It can also be use as single stone to make a nice ring. The stone is popular for its healing properties.

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Coffee bean jasper stone, an aggregate of microgranular quartz and/or chalcedony and other mineral phases, is an opaque, impure variety of silica. It can be highly polished and is used for vases, seals, and snuff boxes.

The specific gravity is typically 2.5 to 2.9. Along with heliotrope (bloodstone), jasper (green with red spots) is one of the traditional birthstones for March. Jaspilite is a banded iron formation rock that often has distinctive bands of jasper.

The name means “spotted or speckled stone”, and is derived via Old French jaspre (variant of Anglo-Norman jaspe) and Latin iaspidem (nom. iaspis)

Green jasper was used to make bow drills in Mehrgarh between 4th and 5th millennium BC. Jasper is known to have been a favorite gem in the ancient world, its name can be traced back in Arabic, Azerbaijani, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek and Latin. On Minoan Crete, Stone was carved to produce seals circa 1800 BC, as evidenced by archaeological recoveries at the palace of Knossos.

Coffee bean jasper, from Africa


Although the term jasper is now restricted to opaque quartz, the ancient iaspis was a stone of considerable translucency including nephrite. The jasper of antiquity was in many cases distinctly green, for it is often compared to the emerald and other green objects. It is referred to in the Nibelungenlied as being clear and green.

The stone of the ancients probably included stones which would now be classed as chalcedony, and the emerald-like may have been akin to the modern chrysoprase. The Hebrew word yushphah may have designated a green color. Flinders Petrie suggested that the odem, the first stone on the High Priest’s breastplate, was a red jasper, whilst tarshish, the tenth stone, may have been a yellow stone.

Coffee bean jasper meaning and healing properties benefits

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

Coffee Bean Jasper healing properties holds a strong access to Mother Nature energies which instigates fast, instinctive rejoinders without forfeiting logic. It further persuades others to deem the skills of the carrier of high value.

It draws out negativity from its carrier’s mind along with the off-putting energies from the outside world. It is too believed to liberate curses. It serves to preserve the footprints of its carrier grounded which furthermore get rid of stress and win over equanimity.

Coffee bean jasper under microscope

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