Cantera opal

Cantera opal

Mexican cantera fire opal meaning for sale. Gem cutters simply cut a cabochon of rhyolite with a fire opal window in the dome.

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Mexican cantera fire opal

Cantera opal is found in Mexico in rhyolite host rock. It is difficult to remove the opal from the rhyolite without damage. So, some gem cutters simply cut a cabochon of rhyolite with a fire opal window in the dome. Cabochon with this style of cutting are known as Mexican cantera fire opal.

Cantera means “quarry” and such stones come from quarries at Magdalena, Queretaro and possibly other Mexican locations.

Cantera opal for sale 

Cantera opal transparency

Fire opal is a transparent to translucent opal, with warm body colors of yellow to orange to red. Although it does not usually show any play of color, occasionally a stone will exhibit bright green flashes.

The most famous source of fire opals is the state of Querétaro in Mexico. These opals are commonly called Mexican fire opals. Fire opals that do not show a play of color are sometimes referred to as jelly in Mexican cantera fire opal.

Girasol opal is a term sometimes mistakenly and improperly used to refer to fire opals, as well as a type of transparent to semitransparent type milky quartz from Madagascar which displays an asterism, or star effect when cut properly.

However, the true girasol opal is a type of hyalite opal that exhibits a bluish glow or sheen that follows the light source around. It is not a play of color as seen in opal, but rather an effect from microscopic inclusions. It is also sometimes referred to as water opal, too, when it is from Mexico. The two most notable locations of this type of opal are Oregon and Mexico.

Mexican cantera fire opal

Cantera stone is a quarried, volcanic rock that is mined in various regions of Mexico and Central America. Its name derives from the Spanish word for quarry. Its properties allow for detailed carving and cutting.

It is used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, and custom homes throughout the world, and has stood for centuries in many cathedrals, haciendas and other buildings throughout Latin America.

The stone can absorbs air and humidity without expansion, so it can be used in wet areas. It is often used to create tables, fireplaces, wall tiles, pool areas, and columns.

The stone’s color may vary depending on the impurities present in the stone of a particular region. The Cantera notably used in many of the buildings, walls, and roads of Oaxaca, Mexico is a distinct green color. This rock is formed by volcanic ash and dust.

The ash is washed into a silt bed and combined with the lava, dirt, and stone already on the ground. This combination makes Cantera a porous and lightweight stone.

Cantera opal meaning and healing properties benefits

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

Leading life in a bright direction: It is full of energy of light. It is perfect for when you want to escape from stagnation period or plateau of your life. You must gain the chance of grasping the flow of fortune.

Enhance creativity: It emphasizes innovative ideas. It will create works and services that attract people’s interests. It is a lucky charm that will make you flourish as a pioneer in a new era.

Relieve negative emotions and thoughts: It cleanses accumulated negative energy cleanly. It will prevent a chain of negativity from continuing. It brings the owner back to the bright road.

Cantera fire opal under microscope

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