Verdelite gemstone is a green tourmaline. We make custom jewelry with verdelite gemstone set as earrings, rings, necklace, bracelet or pendant. Verdelite meaning.

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A variety of tourmaline specifically green, sometime otherwise regarded as green tourmaline in the trade. With color ranging from bright electric to subtle mild green making it highly sought-after stone in the color stone family.

Green tourmaline

A crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. It is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Green tourmaline is a six-member ring cyclosilicate having a trigonal crystal system. It occurs as long, slender to thick prismatic and columnar crystals that are usually triangular in cross-section, often with curved striated faces. The style of termination at the ends of crystals is sometimes asymmetrical, called hemimorphism. Small slender prismatic crystals are common in a fine-grained granite called aplite, often forming radial daisy-like patterns. Verdelite tourmaline is distinguished by its three-sided prisms. No other common mineral has three sides. Prisms faces often have heavy vertical striations that produce a rounded triangular effect. Green tourmaline is rarely perfectly euhedral.

Verdelite meaning

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

It is a gemstone to give execution force, continuing power, mental power necessary for realizing the ideal. It will attract assets, love and health that the owner wishes. The stone will help to pioneer the path to good fortune strongly. It is a gemstone to convert minus to plus. It will generate a chain of good luck. The gemstone also gives you a chance to challenge new things. You will get a chance to get over the limit barriers. It prevents you from being satisfied with the current situation. It is a gemstone widely expanding the possibility of the future.


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We make custom jewelry with verdelite gemstone set as earrings, rings, necklace, bracelet or pendant.


What is verdelite used for?

Green Tourmaline is ideal for healing purposes, as it can focus its healing energies, clearing the aura, and removing blockages. Green Tourmaline is often used for opening and activating the Heart chakra, as well as providing a sense of peace and calm to the heart and nervous system.

Where to buy verdelite?

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Is verdelite rare?

The major green tourmaline deposits are in Brazil, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But green tourmalines of good colour and transparency are a rare thing in any gemstone mine. And if, in addition, they are also free of inclusions, they are very highly coveted indeed.

Is verdelite valuable?

Green tourmaline is most expensive when it has some blue in it or appears more like emerald as in the chrome tourmaline.

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