Pink opal

We make custom jewelry with pink opal stone as rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet or pendant. pink opal is often set on rose gold as engagement rings.

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This gemstone is found only in the Andes Mountains of Peru. In fact, they are considered as a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Inca goddess of fruitfulness and Mother Earth. Opal is a hardened silica gel, usually containing between 5 to 10% of water. Therefore it is noncrystalline, unlike most other gemstones.

Chemical composition

Formula: SiO2 • n (H2O)
Specific Gravity: 2.10 g / cc
Water Content: 3.20%
Fracture Conchoidal
Moh’s Scale 5.5-6

Pink opal from Peru

Holistic aspects of Peruvian opal

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

According to fables Peruvian Opal stones is a calming stone that can pacify the mind and alleviate sleep issues. Sleeping with a Peruvian opal is believed to cure subconscious pain from your past.

The stone has the power of relaxation, tradition tells us that it can take away any tension from communications and will allow ideas to flow generously. It is an excellent stone for calming the mind and considered useful for a good nights sleep.

This stone correlates to the heart chakra, the energy centralized with concern and communication. It is said to be the most powerful of all healing stones. It can increase creativeness and inspiration, the stone is associated with good luck.

The meaning of the stone is spiritual healing. It has been cherished as a great healing gemstone. It is said to release tension and to bring peacefulness. It is recommended for the people who tend to have stress and worries. It can release any kinds of stress.

Sample under microscope


How rare is pink opal?

The stone is very rare and is only found in a few places on Earth. The stones are a whitish pink when mined.

How do you use pink opal?

Spiritually it brings peace and release to one’s heart, allowing one to discharge past trauma, tension and stress. It can be used to keep one’s connection to the angelic realms open and clear. Emotionally the stone can help those who have excessive fear, worry or anxiousness.

Can you put pink opal in water?

The gemstone becomes opaque if you store it in a dry place. It naturally contains water and is porous. You can put it in water or in wet cotton to store it for years.

Is pink opal valuable?

The fine quality sontes can be incredibly beautiful and may fetch prices up to 100 US$ per carat. These are numerous factors including the color, clarity, cut and carat weight which determine the overall value.

How can you tell if a pink opal is real?

Most genuine opals have irregularities in color, or shape curved or bumpy due to their natural formation whereas a man-made stone will look perfect.

Buy natural pink opal in our gem shop

We make custom jewelry with pink opal stone as rings, necklace, earrings, bracelet or pendant. pink opal is often set on rose gold as engagement rings.

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