Maw sit sit

Maw sit sit stone or Kosmochlor jade gemstone meaning

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Natural maw-sit-sit gemstone coming from the Mandalay region. it is quite rare. And it is very difficult to supply. The name of the stone comes from a metamorphic aggregate.

By the natives living near the deposits for millennia. Near Kansi and Namshawa in the northern Burma. The Latin name of the maw-sit-sit is Kosmochlor Jade. So it is often confused with the Nephrite Jade. Very commonly, also in these areas of Burma.

First identified by the Swiss gemologist Eduard Gubelin in 1963. In a city of the same name in Burma. This mineral is found where Imperial Jadeite is mined. It is found in the Tawmaw jade mining area. In the foothills and also at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. In the north west of Burma.

This mineral is opaque to transparent with veins green. It can also be white or black. The veins of “emerald green” or intense green neon exist. The different constituents that can be included in the composition are chromite, also kosmochlor.

It gives its typical black mottled. Also jadeite, sylektite, chromium amphibole, and arfvedsonite. All those minerals compounds that form this mosaic blacks. Also whites and greens. That is the reason why maw-sit-sit is a unique stone.

Chloromelanite, jade albite

Maw-sit-sit is also sometimes names “chloromelanite”. Or also “jade albite”. They are named from their chemical composition. A varying amounts of jadeite. Also some albite feldspar and other minerals.

A rock

Most opaque gemstones are rocks. Their chemicals compositions comes from multiple minerals. It have a highly variable appearance. The typical gem cut from maw-sit-sit is a bright chrome-green cabochon. But we can also cut it with flat facets. With a few swirls of jet-black color.
The quality of the green. Also a slight, yet interesting swirl of black. Colrs determines the quality to the buyers.

The green color comes from its very high chromium content. It has a higher than any other rock.

The Maw-sit-sit is extremely tough. It resists breaks and chips. Due to a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6 1/2. It is slightly less than optimal. For use in a ring or bracelet. This material is usually opaque. But some specimens are translucent.

Maw-sit-sit meaning and properties

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

The stone has meaning and properties of getting back vitality and energy. It is a gemstone that can vitalize weaken mind. You would be able to have a support to feel happiness again. It is also known as an amulet to get back hope to live.

Very rare white sample from Myanmar

Maw-sit-sit Myanmar

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