Chrysanthemum stone

Chrysanthemum stone jasper crystals meaning properties

Chrysanthemum stone jasper crystals meaning properties.

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Chrysanthemum crystals

Chrysanthemum stone, wrongly named jasper, sometimes called flower stone, is a stone flower produced millions of years ago due to geological movement and natural formation in the rock. The pattern resembles the chrysanthemum flower. The flower is milky white and grain is clear.

Usually dark-gray or black, It does not contain radioactive elements, so it has a high collection value. Although the composition of the stone itself is not very rare, the formation is uncommon, so it is listed as a gemstone.

Chrysanthemum stone properties

The main component of is andalusite, so the basic components of the rock are very similar to that of andalusite. The main component of the mineral is Al2SiO5 and it typically forms a rhombic crystal system with columnar crystals. The cross section is close to the regular quadrilateral, and bicrystals are rare.

The stone is dark gray to black in color with naturally formed white chrysanthemum shaped crystals. The part of the flower is a collection of crystalline minerals.

Each petal is a rhombohedral crystal form. The mineral composition varies according to the variety. Stone from Liuyang city, Hunan Province is mainly calcite and chalcedony, some with ling strontium ore and lapis lazuli.

Sample from Xuanen, Hubei province, China

Black chrysanthemum stone

The black stone is mainly produced in Xuanen, Hubei province. Hubei stone flower has the shape of irises, claw flower shape, and cylindrical flower shape. The cylindrical flower-shaped stamens are obvious, three-dimensional shaped into a rod with a certain bending.

The iris-shaped ones are more common, they are not conspicuous. Petals generally range from 10-40, the size is not uniform, the branching is compound with presence of interpenetration and other phenomena.

Chrysanthemum stone meaning and healing properties benefits

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

A metaphysical symbol of optimism and joy, named for its near perfect representation of this cheerful flower. The contrast of the white to silver gray flowers against a solid black matrix makes this stone appealing as much for its aesthetic beauty as its ability to provide a calm, reflective energy that invites one to savor each moment before it has passed.

The crystal is known for integrating change and harmony, and lending the knowledge of how the two work together to help one bloom and progress on the path to the perfect Self. It ameliorates negative mindsets and strengthens one’s character, while enhancing compatibility with others and the renewal of relationships.

Chrysanthemum stone under microscope


What is chrysanthemum stone good for?

the crystal can help women who are adversely affected by their menstrual cycle or by fertility issues due to cystitis or fibroid masses. It’s known to be an effective fertility stone for women and a great gift for pregnancy or childbirth.

Are chrysanthemum stones real?

Stones might look painted or like fossils but they are actually natural crystals that formed during the Permian age, or 248 to 290 million years ago.

Where are chrysanthemum stones found?

It seems the stones have been found in more than twenty different places in China, five in Japan, one in South Korea, and even several gemstones in northern California, USA in the Eel River.

How is chrysanthemum stone formed?

The crystal was formed from geological changes in the Permian age of the Paleozoic era, 248 to 290 million years ago, from high temperatures and the compression of thick layers of organic-rich mud at the bottom of the sea.

What is chrysanthemum jasper?

Starburst jasper is also known as chrysanthemum jasper, both names refer to its striking “starburst” or flower pattern. It also has been marketed under the name spider jasper.

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