Black tourmaline

Raw black tourmaline crystal stone meaning

Raw black tourmaline crystal stone meaning.

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Black tourmaline meaning

Black tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. Some trace elements are aluminum, iron, also magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors.

According to the Madras Tamil Lexicon, the name comes from the Sinhalese word “thoramalli”, a group of gemstones found in Sri Lanka. According to the same source, the Tamil “tuvara-malli” comes from the Sinhalese root word. This etymology also comes from other standard dictionaries including the Oxford English Dictionary.

Black tourmaline history

Brightly colored Sri Lankan gem tourmalines were brought to Europe. In great quantities by the Dutch East India Company. To satisfy a demand for curiosities and gems. At the time, we didn’t know that schorl and also tourmaline were the same mineral.

It was only about 1703 that it was discovered that some colored gems were not zircons. Tourmaline was sometimes called the Ceylonese Magnet, because it could attract and then repel hot ashes due to its pyroelectric properties.

Iron-rich tourmalines

Tourmaline has a variety of colors. Usually, iron-rich tourmalines are black to bluish-black to deep brown, while magnesium-rich varieties are brown to yellow, and lithium-rich tourmalines are almost any color: blue, green, red, yellow, pink, etc.

Rarely, it is colorless. Bi-colored and multicolored crystals are common, reflecting variations of fluid chemistry during crystallization. Crystals may be green at one end and also pink at the other. Or green on the outside and pink inside. This type is watermelon tourmaline. Some forms of tourmalines are dichroic, in that they change color when viewed from different directions.


Granite, pegmatites and in metamorphic rocks are the usualy rocks to find it, such as schist and marble.

We found Schorl and lithium-rich tourmalines in granite and also granite pegmatite. Schists and marble are usualy the only deposites of magnesium-rich tourmalines and dravites. It is a durable mineral. We can found it in minor amounts as grains in sandstone and conglomerate.

Raw black tourmaline crystal stone meaning and healing properties benefits

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

Black tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity. It is excellent for deflecting radiation energy. It enhances ones physical well being by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity.


What is black tourmaline good for?

One of the most powerful grounding, purification, and protection stones. Banish negativity, protect on all levels. This stone is particularly useful for people who are experiencing high levels of stress anywhere in their lives.

Who can wear black tourmaline?

The crystal can actually be worn by everyone. It can mainly be worn by ascendants of Libra and Capricorn. It can also be kept in the areas you live like a home or your workplace as it absorbs the negativity.

Where do you put black tourmaline stone?

Cleansing and protective, the stone is perfect for the entrance to your home. Place it on the console, window or shelf near the door. Add a piece of jade to welcome in wealth and good luck.

How do you use black tourmaline for protection?

Place the crystal near your bed or in the corner of a room, for amplified protection for you and your space. Carry it with you in your pocket for extra protection while in public or at work. Wear jewelry that has this stone in it, such as a bracelet or necklace.

Can you wear black tourmaline everyday?

With a rating between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, tourmaline jewelry can be worn every day, but with caution. Earrings and pendants are always safe options if you want to wear tourmaline jewelry every day.

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