Goshenite gemstone is the colorless variety of beryl. Goshenite stone meaning and metaphysical properties

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The gemstone is the colorless variety of beryl. The name originates from Goshen, Massachusetts, USA. Goshenite stone is the purest variety of beryl. However, there are several elements that can act as inhibitors to color in beryl and so this assumption may not always be true.

The name of the stone comes from its way to extinction and gemstones dealers use this name in gemstone markets. The stone is found to some extent in almost all beryl localities. In the past, it was used for manufacturing eyeglasses and lenses owing to its transparency. Nowadays, almost those stones are sale for gemstone purposes. But It is also a source of beryllium.

The gem value of goshenite is relatively low. However, it can be colored yellow, green, pink, blue and in intermediate colors by irradiating it with high-energy particles. The resulting color depends on the content of Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Fe, and Co impurities.

Goshenite beryl

The chemical composition is beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate with the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. Well-known varieties of beryl include emerald, also aquamarine, heliodor, and morganite. Naturally occurring, hexagonal crystals of beryl can be up to several meters in size. Terminated crystals are relatively rare.

Pure stone is colorless, the color is due to inclusions. Possible colors are green, also blue, yellow, red (the rarest), and white. It is also a source of beryllium.

Beryl belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. Normally it forms hexagonal columns but can also occur in massive habits. As a cyclosilicate it incorporates rings of silicate tetrahedra. Arrange in columns along the C axis and as parallel layers perpendicular to the C axis, forming channels along the C axis.

These channels incorporate a variety of ions, neutral atoms, and molecules into the crystal. Thus disrupting the overall charge of the crystal permitting further substitutions in Aluminium, Silicon, and Beryllium sites in the crystal structure. The variety of colors comes from impurities. Increasing alkali content within the silicate ring channels causes increases to the refractive indices and birefringence.

Goshenite gemological information

  • Variety or type: Beryl
  • Chemical Formula: Be3 Al2 Si6 O18
  • Mohs Hardness: 7.5 to 8
  • Specific Gravity: 2.60 to 2.90
  • Cleavage Quality: Indistinct
  • Fracture: Conchoidal
  • Refractive Index: 1.562 to 1.615
  • Optical Character: Uniaxial / –
  • Birefringence: 0.003 to 0.010
  • Dispersion: 0.014
  • Color: Colurless
  • Transparency: Transparent, translucent
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Crystal System: Hexagonal
  • Habit: Prismatic

Goshenite can be colored yellow, green, pink, blue and in intermediate colors by irradiating it with high-energy particles. The resulting color depends on the content of Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Fe, and Co impurities.
Correlations between admixtures and color centers created upon irradiation of natural beryl crystals.

Goshenite meaning and metaphysical properties

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

Goshenite meaning is thought to be a gemstone that encourages truthfulness in all words and actions. Metaphysical beliefs hold that crystal promotes self-control, creativity and originality. The gemstone facilitate communication and resolves relationship misunderstandings.


Is goshenite valuable?

While goshenite is a beautiful stone, its value as a gemstone is lower than other beryls. It’s not a mainstream stone nor is it in much demand compared to other beryls like emerald, aquamarine and morganite.

What is goshenite worth?

The value of natural gem varies greatly depending on size, quality, color and cut. the price for sale can be between 20$ US to 100$ US per carat.

Where is goshenite found?

The stone is named after the small town of Goshen, Massachusetts, it can be found all over the world including North and South America, China, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Northern Europe, Africa and Asia. It is thought that the largest, cleanest and best quality material is found in Brazil.

What is goshenite used for?

It can be used for a good night’s sleep. Simply place the stone under your pillow so that you will sleep more soundly. Doing this will also promote lucid dreaming and give you more meaningful dreams that can help you with your daily life struggles.

What color is goshenite gemstone?

The gem is considered one of the purest of gemstones, as it contains no inclusions or other elements that color it. Sometimes wrongly named as white beryl, The stone is the transparent, colorless.

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