Sillimanite cat’s eye

Sillimanite cat's eye gemstone meaning benefits and price

Sillimanite cat’s eye gemstone meaning benefits and price.

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Sillimanite cat’s eye is sometimes referred to as fibrolite because its crystals occur in groups, resembling fibers.

Sillimanite cats eye

Sillimanite is found in various colors including green, yellow, brown, blue, white and even black. The gem can be discovered as a truly transparent gem, or completely opaque with a waxy luster.

Cat’s eye phenomena

In gemology, chatoyancy, or chatoyance or cat’s eye effect, is an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones, woods, and carbon fiber. Coined from the French “œil de chat”, meaning “cat’s eye”, chatoyancy arises either from the fibrous structure of a material, as in tiger’s eye quartz, or from fibrous inclusions or cavities within the stone, as in cat’s eye chrysoberyl.

The precipitates that cause chatoyance in chrysoberyl are the mineral rutile, composed mostly of titanium dioxide. Examined samples have yielded no evidence of tubes or fibers. The rutile precipitates all align perpendicularly with respect to cat’s eye effect. It is reasoned that the lattice parameter of the rutile matches only one of the three orthorhombic crystal axes of the chrysoberyl, resulting in preferred alignment along that direction.


It is found throughout the world, in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), USA, Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.

Sillimanite cat’s eye crystal meaning and healing properties benefits

The following section is pseudo scientific and based on cultural beliefs.

Sillimanite cat’s eye gemstone strengthens the leadership qualities in a person. Sillimanite cat’s eye is highly helpful for the person to develop leadership qualities. It is suggested to wear this stone, if a person is ruled by the moon. It balances the emotional aspect of a person.

This cat’s eye helps the wearer to take best and wise decision in life. It brings perception of what lies after the conditions in the life of the wearer. This gemstone brings the rational and emotional body together. It stimulates emotional healing.


Healers may find this stone helpful to align the chakras and you may discover that using it at any chakra will help to bring all of the chakras into alignment. It is a useful stone for metaphysical healers to use to assist them to determine what their client needs help with. Use your intuition to help you to decide where to use it, as it will assist any chakras you may choose to use it at.

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What is sillimanite cat’s eye good for?

It is good for those people who are experiencing skin problems or allergies. It can also be worn out by those, whose sun are incapacitated in their natural charts and for those who’s birth dates are 1 and 8. The crystal clears obstacles and puts off any evil effects.

What is benefits of cat’s eye gemstone?

The gemstone can ease mental uneasiness cause by blankness of wants. It can break down anxiety. Wearing a cat’s eye can give more prominent mindfulness and re-establish memory. These are all the important benefits of the stone.

What are the benefits of cat’s eye stone?

Wearing cat’s eye gemstone can help cope with such more often than not experience, bringing peace and harmony. It helps a person isolate from materialistic attachments, attaining spiritual enlightenment. The energies of Ketu can aid in spiritual advancement, especially if you are an evangelist or religious seeker.

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