Hackmanite is an important variety of sodalite exhibiting tenebrescence

Hackmanite is an important variety of sodalite exhibiting tenebrescence.

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When hackmanite from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec or Ilímaussaq, Greenland is freshly quarried, it is generally pale to deep violet but the color fades quickly to greyish or greenish white. Conversely, hackmanite gemstone from Afghanistan and the Myanmar Republic, Burma starts off creamy white but develops a violet to pink-red color in sunlight.

If left in a dark environment for some time, the violet will fade again. Tenebrescence effect is more visible by the use of longwave or, also shortwave ultraviolet light. Much sodalite will also fluoresce a patchy orange under UV light.


Tenebrescence, also known as reversible photochromism, is the ability of minerals to change colour when exposed to sunlight. The effect is indefinitely visible. But It will not be visible anymore in case of heat treatment.

Tenebrescent minerals include hackmanite, also spodumene and tugtupite.
Tenebrescent behavior is exploited in synthetic materials for the manufacture of self-adjusting sunglasses. It is darken under exposure to sunlight.


Sodalite is a rich royal blue tectosilicate mineral. Massive samples are opaque. Crystals are usually transparent to translucent. Sodalite is a member of this group with hauyne, nosean, lazurite and tugtupite.

Sodalite is a light, relatively hard yet fragile mineral. Its name comes from its sodium content. In mineralogy, it is classified as a feldspathoid. Well known for its blue color, it may also be grey, also yellow, green, or pink. And he often has spots of white veins or plaques. It is often cut into cabochons and beads. Lesser material is more often seen as facing or inlay in various applications.

Although somewhat similar to lazurite and lapis lazuli, sodalite rarely contains pyrite. A common inclusion in lapis. And its blue color is more like traditional royal blue rather than aquamarine. It is different from other similar minerals by its white, rather than blue, streak. Sodalite’s six directions of poor cleavage may be visible as incipient cracks running through the stone.

Hackmanite metaphysical properties

Hackmanite stone is high vibration crystal that assist you to solve problems. Their energy may also assist you to sever past life karmic cords or etheric ties to others from this life. These  are known to support the development of intuitive gifts and assist you to let go of fear that may be making you hesitant to move forward.

They are powerful stones to use in meditation as they assist you to make a deeper, stronger connection to spirit. These crystals have a beautiful energy that stimulates peace and harmony. They are excellent healing crystals for you to use to aid a number of health issues including addiction.



Is hackmanite a rare stone?

Hackmanite is an exceptionally rare sulfur-rich variety of sodalite which exhibits tenebrescence (the ability of minerals to change color when exposed to sunlight). It was first discovered in Greenland in 1896 by L. C. The tenebrescence effect seen in hackmanite is the rarest of all gemstone optical phenomena.

What hackmanite crystal means?

Hackmanite is a wonderful crystal to use when wanting to attain a deep, spiritual meditative state. It facilitates feelings of joy, freedom and happiness. Known as the chameleon crystal, hackmanite contains what scientists call tenebrescence, which is the ability of a stone to change color when exposed to light.

What is hackmanite made of?

A rare sulfur chloric sodium aluminum silicate member of the sodalite family. It crystallizes in the form of masses, cubic and octahedral formations. This is one of the very few minerals that is tenebrescence (changes color when exposed to sunlight), as well as UV reflective.

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