Black star sapphire

Black star sapphire stone price and value, black star of India meaning

Black star sapphire stone price and value, black star of India meaning.

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Black star sapphire stone

A star sapphire is a type of sapphire that exhibits a star like phenomenon known as asterism, red stones are known as star rubies. Star sapphires contain intersecting needle like inclusions following the underlying crystal structure that causes the appearance of a six rayed star shaped pattern when viewed with a single overhead light source.

The inclusion is often the mineral rutile, a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide. The stones are cut as cabochon, typically with the center of the star near the top of the dome.

Occasionally, twelve rayed stars are found, typically because two different sets of inclusions are found within the same stone, such as a combination of fine needles of rutile with small platelets of hematite, the first results in a whitish star and the second results in a golden colored star.

During crystallization, the two types of inclusions become preferentially oriented in different directions within the crystal, thereby forming two six rayed stars that are superimposed upon each other to form a twelve rayed star.

Misshapen stars or 12 rayed stars may also form as a result of twinning. The inclusions can alternatively produce a cat’s eye effect if the face up direction of the cabochon’s dome is oriented perpendicular to the crystal’s c axis rather than parallel to it. If the dome is oriented in between these two directions, an off center star will be visible, offset away from the high point of the dome.

The Star of Adam

The Star of Adam is the largest blue star sapphire which weighs 1404.49 carats. The gem was mined in the city of Ratnapura, southern Sri Lanka. The Black Star of Queensland, the second largest gem quality star sapphire in the world, weighs 733 carats.

The Star of India mined in Sri Lanka and weighing 563.4 carats is thought to be the third largest star sapphire, and is currently on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The 182 carat Star of Bombay, mined in Sri Lanka and located in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., is another example of a large blue star sapphire. The value of a star sapphire depends not only on the weight of the stone, but also the body color, visibility, and intensity of the asterism.

Black star of India

Often confused with sapphire the black star of India stone is a black star diopside. A totally different stone.


Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the gem of the 45th anniversary. A sapphire jubilee occurs after 65 years.

Black star sapphire


What does a black star sapphire symbolize?

Black star sapphire will give you wisdom in any kind of situation, especially when you use it in meditation. It will open your mind to intuitive understanding and increase your faith and hope! It’s also considered a stone of abundance and prosperity because it will attract all kinds of gifts and blessings.

How can you tell if a black star sapphire is real?

A natural sapphire will be rough on the bottom, or even have missing chunks. A fake’s star will stay stationary when shining a flashlight on it and moving it in a circle! A genuine star sapphire’s star will follow the light source! This is the easiest test!

What is black star sapphire value?

Star sapphires and star rubies are the rarest and most valuable stones of their type. The shifting star pattern that shines within them has an otherworldly quality perfectly symmetrical and shifting in the light.

How much is a black star sapphire price?

For a high-quality sapphire, you’re likely to see a cost of around $800-1,200 per carat. For more common sapphires, which are decent quality yet not especially remarkable, you will be looking at a little less, around $400-600 per carat.

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